We Help Individuals and Companies Keep the Lights On


What We Do

Nimble Power is an affordable solar energy company that offers professional services in the design, installation, and maintenance of high-quality solar systems. We provide alternative supply of electricity to homes, backup solutions to offices and corporate organizations in any part of the country.


Our Core Values

Customer Satisfaction. Mastery. Integrity. Trust. TeamWork. Education.


Our Mission

To provide the highest quality cost-effective solar energy system to customers that are interested in reducing electrical energy costs. Within our process, we meet our clients to help them define their energy goals, evaluate their options and make informed and confident decisions on their energy system.

Go Green

You can count on us as you make the transition to clean and renewable energy. Say goodbye to noisy generators, dark fumes, and endless fuel.

Stay Powered

Don’t allow low batteries and power outages to ruin your days. With high-quality renewable alternatives, you can stay connected to power all day.


Explore Our Options

You can start with as little as low as 350,500 Naira

NB: On request, we will carry out load analysis & energy audit on your facility to create a custom-fit design, if the above designs do not meet your energy demands. All designs above are created from popular load analysis requests from our customers over time.

Also, the use of 5W-15W energy-saving bulbs is required for solar/inverter installation to maximize power consumption. Prices are also subject to changes at any time.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where are you based?
We are currently based in Nigeria. We provide services to all cities in Nigeria. Lagos. Ibadan. Abuja. Warri. Enugu. Kano. Port-Harcourt. Name it.
Do you work with companies and organizations?
Yes, we work with individuals but we also work with corporate organizations. We create renewable energy plans for homes and office spaces.
Are solar energy installations expensive?
Well, it depends on how you look at it. Solar energy system installation is a long-term investment that rewards you heavily. Let’s say it takes N1.2 million to install a 3.5 KVA solar system that has an average lifespan of 22 years but instead, you opted for a 3.5 KVA generator.
As of July 2021, a 3.5 KVA generator with a 15 litres tank capacity costs about N145,000. Let’s assume you use a full tank for a week which costs about N2,500.
In a year, you spend about N130,000 on fuel excluding maintenance and oil change costs. In five years, you would have spent N650,000 on fuel (that’s with an assumption that the pump price of petrol remains constant). That’s a whooping N795,000 in five years, including the cost of the generator that has experienced significant wear and tears with lots of noise and dark fumes.
Do you do anything apart from installations?
Apart from the design and installation of solar energy systems, we also offer maintenance and repair services. And maybe you have an existing renewable energy system and you want to do an upgrade, you can reach out to us.
How reliable are your batteries and inverter systems?
We know the cost of installing low-quality products and their detrimental effects on our business. So, we opt for the best batteries, inverter systems, and solar panels out there. Our products come with warranties.

Our Office

Shop 18, Shalom Complex, Opp. Odogbo Barracks, Ojoo, Ibadan, Oyo State.

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(234) 703-198-1740

Office Hours

Mon-Fri: 9am – 5pm
Sat-Sun: Closed